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My hilarious girlfriend

My girlfriend does freelance writing, and when our bank received a recent cheque from her (issued by a not-insignificant american publishing company), they decided to hold it for almost two months. Her letter to them included this gem of a paragraph:

It is unacceptable to me that there is absolutely zero access to funds right now – that even a portion can’t be released immediately. This is not the 1920’s. Money is digital. Everything is computerized. The only reason it should take 41 days to access that cash is if President’s Choice sends an employee out on foot – to walk to the bank in Washington, physically pick up the funds in burlap sacks marked with the $ symbol, and trek back to a safe in Ontario.

I like to picture the bank employee wearing fur and snowshoes. Thank you, dear, for making my day.

If you want to issue complaints to PC Financial, you might want to try emailing the Product Manager, Kerri Shea (email found at RFD) and copy some folks from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

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